KORAD SE VCH Erövrarens Alhambra - The love of my life!

Photo Elina Mälkiä

27.12.2020 Memories

I have had the priviledge to know a couple of Irish Water Spaniels. He is one of them. His name is Luffy. He is the second best friend of Ami my White Swiss. Her ultimate favorite is father Strax, third on the line is Kelju another White Swiss male. It is funny how dogs have also very good friends. One could think that it does not matter, that every pitch would like every male and vice versa but it is not so.

Same with us people!

Photo by Simplesite

16.10.2020 Sorrow

Sorrow is a funny feeling, it comes and it goes. A couple of days ago a friend of mine asked that have I got over Bono``'s  death? I had to say no, I have not. I was thinking that do I ever. I still feel so sad that I could not help him, I could not change what was going on inside his head. I have been crying so much because of him or perhaps because of me and what I had to do. Life sucks sometimes. And somehow it does not help at all that when he was gone to the other side I saw him and he was looking so happy and wagging his tail and asking me can I really go?

5.10.2020 Do good and it comes back to you!

I have 12 coasters (had to check the name for these from the dictionary). The photos of them remind me of present and past. I have got them as thanks of something I have done. Lucky me!

Photo by Anja

30.9.2020 Long time no seen

Time has really flied and I have been lazy.... but better later than never! This is Luffy an Irish Water Spaniel - a lovely male. We have a special relationship he loves me and I love him. Spaniel is certainly different than a WSS, but there are some similarities: both love water, both love balls, both love to run fast - nice! But Luffy does not hunt, his girlfriend Ami does, so do they have the opportunity to run wherever and whenever? No and both are complaining but from different reasons. Life is not fair!

30.6.2020 Time flies but where to?

I do not know where the time flies! Or am I only lazy or what? I have been listening Abraham Hicks from youtube and according to him the main purpose of life is joy and happiness, the fact that you do things you love most! And that the positive energy invites more positive energy. When I was still working and meeting suppliers, the company I loved most was Peltolan Pussi making paper bags. It was the only company where the Production Manager when audited did not need any map to tell how they operated. The instructions were made for every day`s work not for the auditor and map :). The management said that their main purpose is that when the employees go home they should have positive thoughts with them from the work because then the next day they will also bring positive thoughts from home to work. The circle of positivity is the only one that rocks. So let`s rock all of us!

Photo by Simplesite

15.5.2020 Minor operation you know!

Everyone can get a lipoma and it is good to be taken away! So it was. Why I tell about it? When the dog came home from the operation it got at once homeopatic remedy (Arnica) and a Bemer treatment which were repeated in 4 days. No pain killers needed, no swelling, dog is not at all interested in the wound. Homeopathy and Bemer rock! You may ask how I know, same procedure after my own intestinal surgery. You bet I know :). The photo is taken on the second evening after the procedure.

12.5.2020 Erövrarens Antilope aka Holly


We are so much waiting for Corona restrictions to end and her to arrive!

Photo by Linda

12.5.2020 Kennel Erövrarens

I am so happy I found Linda Johansson and her kennel Erövrarens when I was looking for a new dog. The dog I got is the love of my life! She is so good with my grandchildren, has always been. Ami is from Linda`s first WSS litter. I kind of fell in love with her parents. How Linda told about them was something I did respect a lot. So honest and frank. All my dogs have been special to me but there is some peculiar bond I have with Ami. She has her issues so have I. She is stubborn yes, but so am I. If Dixie taught me to look at the mirrow and Sepe to listen to my intuition, Jos not to be afraid of anything, Bono that I cannot repair something that is broken. Ami has taught me what unconditional love is. Actually love is the only thing that can change the world.

30.4.2020 Red Diadem´s Decent Designer aka Dixie

If I had not had this dog, I would perhaps still be fooling myself that I knew something about dogs and their training :). This dog put me on my knees and it was really hard to stand before a mirrow and say to person there that this dog is pulling my leg and hard! I am so happy I had her. She was really something special.

Photo by Anja

Phhoto by Anja

27.4.2020 Handmade soap

I have not been so interested in block soaps until I bought one to wash my own hair. Then I got to know Marc Glasser's handmade artisan soaps. I love them, the soap in the photo is for dogs and cats. As I have my tiny business I decided to sell them here in Finland, too. Ask more if you are interested!