KORAD SE VCH Erövrarens Alhambra - The love of my life!

Photo by Linda Johansson

25.3.2022 Strax

He will be in April 13 years old! Happy and wonderful old buy, still playing, still guarding, still interested in bitches, always nice to puppies. The best male ever!

Photo by Simplesite They will wake up soon, so I have made several drinking bars for them. Hope they will find them and enjoy!

Photo Simplesite

21.2.2022 Blizzard

This is how it looks like outside or even worse.  The forecast says that we will get 20 cm more snow during 24 hours!  A couple of days ago it was raining. The wheather has been so funny the whole winter. Luckily I did walk the dogs in the morning.

14.2.2022 Dreams

I do not normally remember any of my dreams. Now I have been remembering some of them. My sister who is good in interpreting them has received many telephone calls from me. I have been dreaming for instance of rats :), have been visiting other person's houses by myself but the houses where not those they actually live in. The last one was a funny! I felt how I had an extremely long single hair in my mouth and when I took it off it did not seem to end at all. I remember thinking in the dream that that cannot be mine as it is kind of endless and I have only bobs. Have not yet asked my sister what it could mean :). By the way my sister sees in her dreams happenings that come true. My mother was a kind of fortune teller with cards. My father used to look the best place for a well with a twig. So if I am what I am there is a reason!