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29.3.2020 On the other hand!

On the other hand I can also feed them like this. It is up to me! By the way I may take a bath when these leave. Not sure though, need Marc Gasser`s super good dog soap "Wouah Dog Savon" first. Will tell you about it later.

Photo by Anja

24.3.2020 Five Weeks of Age

24.3.2020 Five Weeks of Age I am five weeks old today and guess what I am cute.

Photo by Anja

23.3.2020 Sepe and Jos

Reikon Jos aka Jos and Zeeta aka Sepe were best friends. I had had 3 Airedale terriers and I wanted to have another breed too. Jos was Sepe`' s"dog". I remember asking the breeder of Jos when Jos was a ┬┤puppy that can a shephard be a dog`` s dog and he said noway. The truth was the opposite. It was so frustrating to stand in the woods and call Jos (who was alone so obedient) to come here! She started coming but always noted on the way that oh my where is Sepe, turned around and went to find her. Then they came together. Sepe on the other hand had a very strong interest in game so you can quess that soon I did not let them run free together.

Photo by Anja

18.3.2020 God night to you too!

During sleep everything one has learnt and experienced throughout the day is processed and filed! Have a good night's sleep you there.