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16.5.2021 Ribes uva-crispa

I am so happy that I have reorganized my garden. The new little green house had actually only one place where to be put. On that place I had red currants which I had to plant elsewhere. They were old and I was afraid they will die if I change their place, but they did not. Happy me! I have now a corner with red currants and a brand new red gooseberry and hopefully later on a lot of berries! I think all the black birds living nearby will like me!

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1.5.2021 I am so waiting for...

I am so waiting for my dahlias to grow, seedlings to survive till I can put them to my brand new little green house and outside. I am no "green thumb" but it is a lot of fun to follow the growth. I will also have a tiny meadow in the garden. It is something I have dreamed about a long time! Lot of plans, now I am just waiting for a bit warmer days and nights.

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23.4.2021 Home

Today I have been thinking a lot of word HOME and where it actually is. From spiritual point of view HOME is from where we have come here on earth to our physical bodies to experience and learn. From religious point of view it depends to which religion we belong to. To many it is called heaven. Skeptics do not believe in anything I have written above so apparently their only home is the building they live in here on earth. The spiritual way of thinking is my way!

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10.4.2021 Bach Flower Remedies

What is good in life? For me it seems to be learning new things, broaden the perspective. This weekend I enjoy of the wisdom of Bach Flower Remedies. How exciting they are. I have used them myself and given them to my dogs but never before actually delved into their secrets. It is like to getting to know a totally new world.

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Photo by Simplesite

18.3.2021 No big deal!

I just wondered today how many plants I have left in my little garden when the snow melts! These cute guys have decided to ruin all my plans of a beautiful tulip, crocus and snowdrop sea! But to turn also this positive, the dogs would anyway have trampled them down! So blood pressure down Anja, it is perhaps no big deal after all. But the creature on my other shoulder reminds me that I could have yelled at the dogs when they were trampling there. Evil, evil creature it is!

15.3.2021 Happy or not!

My motto in life has always been JOY in spite of what happens around me. Have I always been able to follow my motto? No, of course not. But I know for sure that it is my choice and my choice only how to react to other people and their doings or to what is happening in general in the world. I have been listening in the evenings in bed several wise women and men: Sister Jayanti from Brahma Kumaris, Sadhguru, Mooji, Joe Dispenza, Anita Moorjani etc. What they have common in their "teachings" is the fact that every one is responsible for her/his thoughts, attitudes and so on. We so easily tend to blame others or circumstances for our misery and so reluctantly we turn inside and ask ourselves what can I do differently to make my life better! “Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you.” – Sadhguru

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23.02.2021 Once upon a time...

Once upon a time I was working as a secretary. I was the connection person between company`s marketing and sales. So I had to write and send letters to sales guys who where located all over Finland. As the pieces of information were often quite boring I used to copy a Hägar the Horrible cartoon to the end of the letter. I had a pile of these cartoon books and I chose from them a clip that suited best for the info of the letter or what had happened in the company or in the society lately. I do not remember anymore what the guys said about the cartoons (it was in the 1980s). Hopefully they enjoyed reading them and laughed as there is a saying in Finnish - laughter prolongs the age! That is why it is also good to occasionally laugh at oneself!

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20.02.2020 Don`t do what I did!

A couple of days ago I defrosted my frost and found from there liver, vegetables, chicken and thought they have been there so long that I am a nice person and cook food from them for the dogs. So I did and they ate with good appetite and seemed to appreciate my effort. So far so good. Then I had to pop to a shop and thought that I take the dogs with me and after shopping we go walking nearby the shop. So far so good. I left the dogs in the car, Ami on the back seat as usual and Strax in the rear or whatever it is called. When I came back I saw Ami standing on the driver`s seat. My first thought was that some dog must have passsed the car. But when I opened the front door a smell of cooked liver combined with stomach acids filled the air. She had vomited the other front seat and when I looked at the back seats they were full of vomiting too. Not so nice. I took her out and put in the rear with Strax and thought okay never mind the smell we go out anyway as it was -10 outside and I did not have anything with me to clean the car. Good idea. I drove enjoying the smell of liver and stomach acid 3 kilometers and heard her vomiting again. I stopped the car and took the dogs out of the car. After 10 meters walk Ami picked up a poop place and the shower of brown loose poop flew all over and formed a nice circle dia 20 cm. I thanked the universe that this did not happen in the car. After the walk I drove home, took the dogs in and shouted Tapani to roll all the carpets. When returning to my car I thanked the universe again and Lidl as I had bought from there seat covers to the front and back seats. To my luck all the vomiting was on them not on the actual seats. The covers went naturally to trash as I would no way take them inside my home for washing. But guess what had happened already earlier to the cover of driver`s seat? 😀

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19.2.2021 Love, happiness, hope ...

Love is the only thing that matters in this crazy world where news on television do not talk about anything else than covid and chaos. Happiness is a state of mind, an attitude you can choose! Nothing much needs to happen. When you are happy about little things, you can be happy throughout the day. Hope is needed to make you believe that what you as an individual think, do, believe has eventually an impact on the big picture. A weird thought I know but what if it is true, however. I have been extremely happy this week about my lab results, the old boy Strax, that the days are longer, my seedlings, good coffee, good discussions etc.

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12.2.2021 If I could I would!

If I could turn the clock backwards I certainly would. Why you may ask? There are not many things that affect one`s life so much than the fact how one one takes care of the teeth. You may guess that I have a dentist appointment today. Earlier it was not a big deal, nowadays I, who do not have the habit of envying anyone, look with admire people with straight, white teeth, I envy those who say that they have never had karies. I have! As a child I pretended to wash my teeth, I did not understand how important the health of teeth and mouth is. At age of 67 you can not reverse anything you can only protect with love what is left!

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9.2.2021 And what happened to a friend of mine one cold winter night?

I have a permission to tell this. A friend of mine woke up in the middle of the night at 2.30 as one of her dogs wanted to go out. My friend sleeps naked. She got up went to the door and let the dog out, the other dog of the house noticed the opportunity and sneaked also out. She thought never mind and regretted this thought immediately as both of her dogs started to bark at something in the garden. My friend put like a lightning her boots on, took a brush which was by the door and ran out to stop the barking. The dogs looked at the naked woman with boots on and a brush in hand and were of the opinion that she had absolutely got crazy and of course did not want to come in.

So there she was outside naked and tried to restore her normal self to get the dogs in.

Hearsay it had been cold!

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7.2.2021 Stay-up!

This happened when I was much much younger and just started a new position in Purchasing Department. I was supposed to be an expert in packing materials from the first day I started the new position but actually I did not have a glue of what I should know. There were no courses about the matter, no studying possibilities at that time. So I had to pretend that I knew what I and the representatives of suppliers were talking about. I really did improvise.

Okay above was an introduction what one day happened. I was in a meeting at the suppliers office and when the meeting ended I was really happy that everything went well and I was sure they did not figure out how little I knew. It was winter and I was wearing a bit longer woollen skirt and stay-ups as they were the latest fashion at that time. I got up from the chair and heard how the silicone part that keeps the stay-ups up said something and then I felt how the socks started to run along my legs. I tried to walk with stiff legs so that the muscles would not move. The guys walked me to the door and stayed in the corridor when I walked towards the stand where my jacket was. With every step the socks flowed down and when I reached the stand they were both hanging around my ankles. I turned my head towards the guys, they managed to keep a poker mask eyes wide open but I could not I burst out laughing.

Did I use stay-ups ever again?

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28.1.2021 Erithacus rubecula

This bird species has been visiting our bird board this and last winter. The wikipedia says that some individuals try to overwinter also here in Finland. During the summer "red breast" (which is the direct translation from Finnish) accompanies us when we do gardening or whatever we do in the garden. Normally there is one bird who comes when we are out. It is not afraid but comes near, so near that we could touch it. I love it!

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23.1.2020 One Year Ago

About one year ago I was a puppy nanny in Sundsvall. The job I love most. Covid-19 had not yet spread widely when I left there. After 8 weeks stay the world had changed totally. Ships from Uumaja to Vaasa did not take any passangers so I had to return home driving through Haaparanta/Tornio. Many funny stories about the drive, especially in Finland. 2019 was not a happy year for me I lost Bono and got sick. I thought 2020 would be better but covid changed many plans. 2021 has started with news I would not have liked to hear. All my plans are upside down. Only a miracle can change the course. But life is full of miracles!