KORAD SE VCH Erövrarens Alhambra - The love of my life!

Photo by Simplesite

3.9.2021 To become a better human being!

I was today searching something in my computer and saw this writing from a few years ago. It was relevant then and also now. I have not been doing a lot of communications lately but always the message of animals astonishes me. I decided to share the original writing with you. “Yesterday, while waiting to fall asleep, I thought about many things, especially the essence of dogs and the messages that animals have conveyed through me. I'm thinking about us humans. How difficult it is sometimes in the midst of everyday haste to be positive, no matter how much you know that negativity creates nothing but negativity. When you look with your heart, you see something good in everybody and everything. It feels like there are two sides in dogs or animals in general. That breed or species like “everyday me” that is reflected in everything a dog/animal does or does not do and then that other side, part of a larger whole. This kind of thinking started when I communicated on request with a dog I know. That stubborn and stiff guy in everyday life, "told" amazing things about his owners and to the owners. I was left wondering about the difference how he reveals himself in everyday life and how profound the message was. So have my own dogs also done, in everyday life "just" dogs, and then in sayings something completely different. I have said before that the fact that I communicate with my own animals every now and then does not make them any more obedient, nicer or better as they are. If they don't obey, it's because of my ability to teach them. You get what you need, not what you order when it comes to animals. What kind of a dog/animal everyone needs tells what she/he as a person, as a dog trainer, as an owner etc needs to develop as a human being. I do think that animals are indeed here to teach us to be better and should be appreciated simply for that reason. Appreciate, accept and genuinely love, that's mankind`s greatest educational experience. Animals already know how to do it!”

Photo by Anja

2.9.2021 Mother and daughter

It is funny how time flies. Erövrarens Discovered Diamond aka Nova - the puppy in the photo - is already a mother herself and her mother Erövrarens Alhambra aka Ami is therefore grandmother and her mother Bonnibel of Lovely Whitestar aka Bonni a great grandmother. What a fine journey I have had and it continues!

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21.7.2021 Colour Homeopathy 2 webinar

I am lucky, really lycky that I have been asked to be part of the brand new Colour Homeopathy 2 webinar (16-17.10.2021) arranged by Valon Huoneet/Hanna Kärävä. The basic course - Colour Homeopathy 1 - is an eye opening course/workshop and number 2 takes the participiants further to the most interesting wisdom of possibilities of self-care and healing.



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14.7.2021 Summer

30 degrees one has to say it is summer, but not a typical Finnish summer. The dogs like to be inside rather than outside. Today they got a swimming pool, let`s see if it turns out to be a favourite!

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6.6.2021 The nest

We have a terrace in the garden by the wooden fence as many of you know. I have put a shelf to the fence. One day last week we noticed that a black bird had skillfully made a nest on the shelf. The screws holding the shelf were nearly broken, so Tapani said we have to change them and at the same time we decided to move the shelf with the nest one meter to the left and hoped that the bird does not abandon it. I stayed and watched what would happen when the bird returns and to my surprise the bird went to the original place several times before it kind of found the new place which was as said only one meter away. This happaned several times during the day. First to the original place and then to the new one. I could imagine what was happening in her little head. Where the hell did my creation go?!

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27.5.2021 Health Summit

I think that I have written earlier how I love learning new things, hearing ideas, seeing them to happen. Sometimes I disagree but always I try to keep in mind the fact that my perspective is narrow although I may imagine that it is not and always it is fascinating to realize that someone else thinks about something totally differently than I do. Can I learn from his/her point of view? Apparently. I may notice that I have to reconsider my opinions or then I stick to my own even more. A long preface - what I actually wanted to write about is the joy what the interviews of the Finnish TerveysSummit (Health Summit) give me at the moment. The variety of topics is so inspiring and everyone has the possibility to watch them free of charge during that day they are published. A wise creation of the creater once said that the world is changing one person at a time.

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16.5.2021 Ribes uva-crispa

I am so happy that I have reorganized my garden. The new little green house had actually only one place where to be put. On that place I had red currants which I had to plant elsewhere. They were old and I was afraid they will die if I change their place, but they did not. Happy me! I have now a corner with red currants and a brand new red gooseberry and hopefully later on a lot of berries! I think all the black birds living nearby will like me!

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1.5.2021 I am so waiting for...

I am so waiting for my dahlias to grow, seedlings to survive till I can put them to my brand new little green house and outside. I am no "green thumb" but it is a lot of fun to follow the growth. I will also have a tiny meadow in the garden. It is something I have dreamed about a long time! Lot of plans, now I am just waiting for a bit warmer days and nights.