KORAD SE VCH Erövrarens Alhambra - The love of my life!


To be just you is the best thing you can do to yourself and every single one around you.

Photo by Elina Mälkiä

Photo by Tanja Lupari

18.3.2020 Oldies

This morning I was thinking of old dogs when I was walking with  Ami and her father Strax. Strax is now 11 years so is Jos (Reikon Jos) in the photo right. In the photo left she is perhaps 2 years old. There is something admirable in old dogs. The body does not function anymore as it used to and they know it. In spite of that they are full of life and as Jos once comunicated: "The fact that I am old is not a sickness!"  I "oldie" by age try to remember that every day!

Photo by Anja

16.3.2020 Puppies are growing fast!

Puppies are growing really fast. They will be 4 weeks tomorrow! They have had several fooddrive sessions and depending on how hungry they are just in that moment they eat the meat from hand either so that no fingers left or then a few of them still left. They are a happy bunch of "kids" with a lot of attitude.

This photo has been taken a few days ago. I just love their little black paws!

15.3.2020 Memory of Training Herding with Ami

Listen to the trainer kindly laughing at my mistakes in guiding the dog. Kristiina is her name and she is a real good in her job! Hope all Ami`s puppies would have a possibility to show that they are ment for working!

Photo by Elina Mälkiä

13.3.2020 He is Luffy the Man!

One can have all kinds of good friends! Color does not matter nor the fact that the ears are not like mine. Not even the fact that he certainly is a dog. But as you can see I am stronger at least mentally.  Yes I am -  I am namely a bitch.

Photo by Linda

12.3.2020 The IT Wizard

Thank you, thank you IT Wizard!

Photo by Anja

12.3.2020 Starving

I am starving in this house. Do the humans not understand that I need food MANY times per day and I really mean MANY.  I am really disappointed and you can see it! 

Photo by Anja

11.3.2020 Sisters

We are the females of the litter. If we will be like our mother and father we will love especially swimming, tracking, herding. We get along very well with children. We adapt to everything. We are the best of ourselves!

10.3.2020 We are the G-litter

Yes we are the Erövrarens G-litter and 3 weeks old today. We can even eat upside down.

Photo by Simplesite

9.3.2020 For you all to know.

I have had the priviledge of being a puppy nanny in Linda Johansson`s WSS Kennel Erövrarens in Sweden 3 times now. When I talk about Ami`s puppies in the blog I talk as Ami`s owner and as a happy puppy nanny.

Photo by Anja

9.3.2020 How important it is to have a good friend?

Tepen and Ami are so good friends! It is amazing to see how easy going a cat can be and how much a dog trusts this cat not to harm her puppies. The litters differ a lot how they react to a cat when they meet one for the first time. D-litter (3 puppies) were of the opinion that oh my we got a new toy and rushed all over the cat - every one of them. E-litter (7 puppies) on the other hand were very respectful when they first time were sniffing the cat. Luckily Tepen is so cool. When D-litter rushed to bite him, he looked at me and was clearly saying bloody hell get them out of me - and I did. Anyway it was Tepen's own fault to jump into the puppy room!

8.3.2020 Do you know how to listen?

I am always amazed to see how animals respond to human energy. How easy it is e.g. for a dog to trust a calm and self-confident person and to join that kind of person in spite of the fact that the person is not even interested in the dog. Energy speaks more than thousand words.

7.3.2020 Mama

The milkbar is open!

Photo by Anja

6.3.2020 There it is!

What a beautiful morning. At 6 o`clock it was -10 degrees and the sky was blue. I wanted to take a photo of the rising sun. I captured something else in the photo too. I feel blessed!

Photo by Anja

5.3.2020 What fun it is to train dogs!

If you start the training evening with bubbles and strawberries, it cannot go wrong. And it did not!

Photo by Anja

5.3.2020 The purring one in the house!

To have a purring friend beside you in the morning is so nice. It makes you think you are loved.

Photo by Anja

4.3.2020 I really succeeded!

If you want to mate a frying pan with a cutting mat for ever, please use heat. They will never ever be apart!

Photo by Anja

4.3.2020 It is snowing you know!

It has been snowing for 3 days now. This is my car I think.

Photo by Linda

3.3.2020 This is a good day!

Ami has had 3 litters covering 3 + 7 + 6. The puppy in the photo is Nova from her first litter. We called her Princess as she was the only long-coat in the litter!

Photo by Linda

26.02.2020 And life is!

This is the scenery of my "second" home! It is so funny how I feel at home also in Sundsvall, Sweden.